Driving safely during the months that include snow, blinding storms, ice and slush takes preparation and the proper mind-set. What considerations do drivers need to make during the coldest of seasons? Well, there are several areas that really need your attention.

Preparing Your Car: Cold weather makes it necessary to make sure that your vehicle is ready to stand up to its rigors. A stalled car may be an irritating inconvenience in warm or moderate weather. However, the same circumstance could literally endanger a driver’s life when it occurs in a winter storm or during extremely low temperatures. Your goal should be to minimize the chances of a vehicle breakdown by having a qualified mechanic inspect the following:

· Wipers

· Tires (tread wear, alignment, and traction by maintaining air pressure)

· Brakes

· Radiator and coolant system

· Transmission

· All fluid levels

· Hoses, clamps and belts

It is important that once checked (and any deficiencies corrected), a car owner be sure to periodically certify that these items remain in good order. This is especially crucial prior to long trips.

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