Before reading this blog article, please refer to our previous blog article: Winter Driving Part 1.

Preparing for Emergencies: Wintertime calls for drivers to be ready to handle weather conditions and the likelihood of being stranded. The following items are important for dealing with routine and emergency winter driving situations:

Ice Scraper

Bag of Cat Litter or Sand

Snow Brush or Small Shovel


Jumper Cables and Drive Belts


Small or Basic Tool Kit

Metal Cup or Small Container (In Order to melt snow for drinking Water)


Extra Clothing (Coat, Boots, Gloves)

Heavy Blankets

Cell Phone or Citizen’s Band Radio

Extra Gallon of Antifreeze and Windshield Wiper Fluid

A Dry Support for a Car Jack such as a Small, Sturdy Wooden Board

Non-Perishable Food

First Aid Kit


Extra Quart of 2 of Motor Oil

It is also helpful to keep plenty of fuel in your car or truck’s gas tank to avoid running out during weather related snags in traffic or if you must pull off the road.

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