1. Buy a lock for your computer.

a. When I was in college there were multiple people that had their computers stolen from their dorm room. To protect this from happening you can purchase a lock that plugs into your computer and is connected to something in your dorm room. This will prevent someone from easily walking away with your computer while you run to the neighbors and don’t think you need to lock your door because you’ll only be gone a minute.

  1. Always lock your dorm room.

a. The next tip is always lock your dorm room door when you leave. Even if you are just running to the restroom or to grab something from a friend thefts can happen fast. There are multiple people that walk through your dorm floor every day and by locking your door you can avoid a passerby quickly grabbing that computer, your wallet or some jewelry.

  1. Keep your wallet or purse with you at all times.

a. It is a good idea to keep your wallet with you at all times. If you are living in a dorm room and you are leaving for something either take your wallet with you or lock it away somewhere that is not accessible. Even though you may trust your roommate, the first few weeks of school you may not know who they will bring into your room. By keeping your wallet or purse locked away in a drawer or with you at all time you can minimize the risk of it getting stolen.

  1. Check your bank statements frequently.

a. Identity theft is a big issue today. We have all heard stories of companies or businesses that have been hacked and identities were stolen. Being a new student away from home and using your debit or credit card at new businesses increases the risk for fraud. We recommend keeping a close eye for the first few months to make sure there is no unusual activity on your bank statements.

  1. Travel Light

a. When most students go off to college they bring almost everything from their rooms at home with them to school. We recommend to slowly move your belongings in. Bring the essentials first along with a few items that remind you of home. After the first month or two of school determine if you are missing something or if there is something that you have and you do not need anymore. Over time move things back and forth from home until you know what you need with you at school. By minimizing the amount of property you have in your dorm you are decreasing the potential risk of theft.

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